Ad hominem
August 9, 2006, 10:49 pm
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This is just a shame.
This is the kind of ad hominem rage that gives bloggers a bad name.

Maxine Waters, kingmaker? Huh? And what is “somewhat” racist, exactly?


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Yea, I have to agree. There’s a post on MyDD today that calls NYT reporters “quite stupid”. Now, I’m not sure that’s totally untrue, but it’s not at all helpful to be so antagonistic about it. If bloggers want to be taken seriously they need to acquire a bit more maturity. It’s perfectly fine to call a particluar reporter stupid, if you have facts to back it up, but a blanket statement like that just begs to be lifted out of context. If nothing else it sticks in the back of the mind and eats away at the credibility of the person saying such things (it’s the same poster in both your example and mine).

Comment by Janine

Hmm. It stripped out the href part of my link. Let’s try it this way:

Comment by Janine

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