Bill Clinton is right…
July 18, 2006, 6:17 pm
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About the Lamont/Lieberman primary.

“We’ve got a world of differences between ourselves and the Republicans,” he said. “So I think the Democrats are making a mistake to go after each other … for a situation none of them created.”

“If we allow our differences over what to do now in Iraq to divide us instead of focusing on replacing Republicans in Congress; that’s the nuttiest strategy I ever heard in my life,” Clinton told the Aspen Institute.

Audio of Clinton’s comments was posted on the Minnesota Public Radio web site. (opens in new window)

UPDATE: Which isn’t to say I’d vote for Leiberman. The sunovabitch voted with the R’s on Terry Schiavo!!


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The issue here is that there isn’t any difference between Joe and the Republicans, and it is time NOW to stop the slide to the crazy neocon right, the appeasement–the pretend bi-partisanship that has put us in this horrible mess. This puts all the dems who won’t stand up to this crazy administration, on notice that the energized base will not take it anymore. We need to support and elect real dems, otherwise, we dont have any reason left to stay involved or to try to change things.
This is how we are going to win and take back this country.

Comment by am

Agree with the goal, but not the execution.
Gotta stop the crazy neocon right, yes. But “taking back the country” is exactly the wrong impulse– if we were to do that, then they’d be after the crazy liberal left. It’s not theirs now, any more than it was ours when Clinton was in. We have to find middle ground where everyone is equally dissatisfied and we actually get some things done.

Campaigns like Lamont’s demonstrate– and tactics like the blackface photo today demonstrate — that we’re not any saner than the crazy neocon right. The way to fight fire is with water, not fire.

Comment by latetotheparty

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